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By applying to our company pursuant to article 11 of Personal Data Protection Law;

  1. To comprehend whether your personal data is processed or not,

  2. To request information about the process  if your personal data are processed,

  3. To find out the aim of personal data process and if it is utilized in accordance with its aim,

  4. To demand to comprehend and to be informed about domestic and overseas entities to whom  your personal data is transfered,

  5. To request correction of wrongly processed personal data,

  6. To demand erasing or extinguishing personal data in the case of disappearing reasons required for personal data process when it is considered in the scope of aim, duration and legitimacy principles.,

  7. To demand to inform third parties about correction, erasing or extinguishing procedure,

  8. To object to results against customers via automatic system analysis of your processed personal data by third parties,

  9. You are able to demand your loss to be retrieved  in the case of personal data process against the law.

It is required and sufficient to send request about the use of rights pursuant to the article 13 of the personal data protection law in Turkish written form with the methods below:

Application is required to include name, surname and if it is written signature, for Turkish citizens, citizenship no, for foreigners nationality, passport no or foreign identification no, residence or office address, e-mail address, phone number, the demand. Information and documents are attached to the application.


To use your personal rights expressed above, in your application that includes explanations about your right intended to use,  it is required that your demand should be clear and comprehensible, it should be about yourself, you should be an authorised person and you have to document your authority if you  apply on behalf of someone, your application should include identity and address information and evidencing documents of your identity  should be attached.


 It is impossible to demand in the sake of personal data owner by third parties except the fact that personal data owner gives warrant of attorney to third party.


In this context, your applications are concluded as soon as possible, no more than 30 days. These applications are free. However, if prosedure requires extra cost, this charge determined by personal data protection board could be received.


After your application to obtain information with the aim of ensuring your personal data security, our company may ccontact you to verify that you are a data owner and request some document and information.


DEMAND DETAILS OF APPLICATION OWNER: Please state your demand, in accordance with personal data protection law, within the context of your rights expressed above, with the form below:

PDPL Application Form

Thank you for submitting a message!

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