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Founder President

Temel Akdağoğlu

The Company

Our company was established in 1975; however, it completed the corporate process in 1983. Since that day, we have been maintaining substructure and construction activities. We provide way, channel and construction services. In addition to that, we also operate in the area of house projects. Besides, as Temel Building Company, we have two companies that are Cihangir Yapı and Akdağoğlu Investment. They operate on subsctructure and construction as well as house building. Special house projects continue in Kemerburgaz and Göktürk. We also sustain to construct qualified houses in Beykoz, Ümraniye, Kadıköy and Çekmeköy. In the industry sector, factory buildings continue in Bursa.



 In the sector, cost increases gradually. Many companies that have entered to the market with advertising campaigns are in a difficult circumstance, some companies have gone bankruptcy. In this difficult position, why do costs increase? Prices of ready mixed concrete, cement, steel and other construction tools increase continuously. In fact, they are part of a wheel. Concretor should buy sand, gravel, cement to make concrete. He should buy gasoline for his vehicles to transport them. With the increasing costs, the prices of the house projects should be increased. However, to in the sake of the sector the increasing costs are not reflected to customers. This circumstance leads companies to spend from their budget.


Urban Transformation and Environment

From our perspective, urban transformation means preventing crooked construction and doing our best to solve troubles that damage the city. About urban transformation, there are many definitions. These definitions differ in terms of vision, goals, strategy and methods. In any case, urban transformation expresses applied strategies and actions to improve corrupted and collapsed urban areas economically, socially, physically and environmentally. 

Transformation, in terms of its activity area and nature, affects the structure of the present city and its residents’ future physically, socially, economically as well as its traditions. Therefore, different experts such as sociologists, economists, engineers, architects, planners, landscape architects must work together in all planning studies. 


Hence, in our opinion, urban transformation is;

  • Preventing urban areas from collapse by searching for the reasons of social degradation and eliminating them 

  • Providing the constantly changing needs of the various elements that form urban texture

  • Creating a successful economic development model that increases urban prosperity and the quality of life.

  • Determining strategies to utilize from urban areas in the most effective way and to avoid unnecessary urban spread.

  • Making NGOs and different segments of the society to participate planning activities to satisfy the needs of forming urban politics as the product of social conditions and political powers.

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