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Quality is identified as a strategic tool being used to satisfy customers’ wishes, to improve performance and to decrease costs. Temel Building Company documents via identifying its organizational structure and all activities in production projects by regarding Turkey’s vulnerability of natural disasters and customer satisfaction and adapts the quality system that is protected from the first day to the model of TS-EN ISO 9001 identified by Turkish Standards Institution.


Temel Building Company has determined its foundation and existence goal. In its quality system, there are 22 procedures determined by ISO 9001 and has supported these procedures with required revisions. 


Temel Building Company’s health and security policy within sustainable development strategy is;

  • Protecting ecological balance while producing services and reducing negative effects to minimum level. 

  • Taking required precautions to protect our personnel’s and people’s health, life and goods security, in case of their being affected by our activities. 

  • Conducting necessary education, announcement, and awareness raising activities to make our personnel indigenize environment, work health and security consciousness and to make them accept it as a life philosophy. 

  • Conducting required activities to decrease natural resource utilization and waste production; to control and protect air, soil and water.

  • Controlling work health and security during our activities and decreasing possible troubles to a minimum level. 

  • Enforcing the laws and instructions about environment, work health and security.

  • Improving our performance regarding environment, work health and security. 

  • Releasing the effects of our environment, work health and security applications to the public.

Lastly, Temel Building Company, which has prepared hand books identifying quality and organizational structure, has provided sustainability of quality in every area.

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