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  • Akdağoğlu Investment, which services under the roof of Temel Group, acts on qualified service, marvellous productivity and professionalism principles. 

  • Akdağoğlu Investment invests in future with the projects that are suitable for modern life’s requirements, sensitive for nature and environment, safe and esthetic.

  • Akdağoğlu Investment, with its modern architecture and authentic solutions, produces not only houses but also life centers transforming into art.

  • Our goal is to bring peace and comfort in this stressful and tiring life and to reflect the quality and technology to our projects. 

  • Our dream is to produce projects that makes cities gain identity thanks to our experience, accumulation of knowledge, qualified human resources and innovative attitudes, as well as, to form life spaces in which people live with pleasure via high life quality. 

  • Akdağoğlu Investment that acts based on “qualified structure - qualified life – qualified people” 

  • The principle in every project is to provide stable values via forming social, cultural and sportive activity areas. 

  • Please contact us to get information about our staff, company or services.

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