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You can gather all parts of a house; however, as long as you cannot compose harmony and aesthetics among these parts, in fact, you are not able to obtain a house. Our target is idealising the relation among those, too. Thus, you obtain a qualified life space.

The pressure of daily life, overcrowded and tiring pace of the cities make us hungry for natural life.

We invite you to the life space in nature’s bosom in these days in which people immigrate from cities to town instead of vice versa. Çekmeköy Life brings the personality of your house into forefront with its design and dynamic lines. All places with their aesthetic and qualified structure bring your house a self-confident view.

Aggregation of Çekmeköy forest with its landscape, longer visibility distance makes Çekmeköy life more livable than its counterparts, as well as, brings your house elegant natural appearance.

Your requests are significant for us:  Çekmeköy has become priority thanks to the easy transportation alternatives.

The main idea: Bringing Functionality.

There is a common language to create a decent life space

Commodiousness, and innovative technologies aiming at dynamism and increased productivity.

Places that harbour aesthetic views and innovative functions in an effective way.

You can realize that this goal is achieved in every part of Çekmeköy Life.

Notice that good ideas moves you forward!